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Hi everyone,

I wanted to take a minute and discuss something I've been struggling with for the last few weeks. I'm almost embarrassed to bring this up, but I have to because, well, you're my community.

As you all know we are a federally recognized non profit, tax exempt organization.

That being said, we are not automatically exempt from property taxes. Last year we were gifted this AMAZING building, but it was frought with problems. Everyone knows all the blessings bestowed on us to get us able to open this weekend. We are so grateful, but it still took every cent we had.

Here's the problem. In November 2023 we applied for property tax exemption for 2024, we were denied. We were denied because we were not utilizing the Philadelphia Ave property in its entirety for a non profit by October 2023.

We paid 2 quarters of 2023 property taxes.

We have paid the first quarter of 2024 property taxes, but WE CANNOT pay the taxes that are due on May 1st. Finishing this building, purchasing all the necessary goods, commercial

Insurance and now reoccurring monthly bills; we are barely making it. Last year we were 1 week away from tax sale before we could pay the taxes, and I'm afraid it's going to happen again. I'm doing my best. We are doing our best. We are uneducated and naive in business matters, but we care enough to keep trying.

If you can help us pay our taxes, we would so appreciate it. I'm sorry I am not able to do this without your help.

Our Venmo is

Our Paypal is



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