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No1hungryinEHC Food Pantry at 231-233 Philadelphia Avenue, Egg Harbor City is open! Tuesday - 10a-2p, Thursday 2p-6p and the 3rd Saturday of every month - 10a-2p

Updated: May 14

The pantry is now open for business!!!

You must be registered before you can participate, so please bring ID for all people

Living in the household. You will be able to register on the day you are there.

We will be open Tuesdays 10a-2p, Thursdays 2p-6p and the 3rd Saturday of each month.

There will be a new set of guidelines to be followed based on household size and demographics for receiving items. Please provide the following ID for each member of your household:

Drivers license

Children's birth certificates

We are always in need of meats, dairy, produce and frozen foods and of course monetary donations of any size.

As we grow and change we will now require a registration to be kept on file so we can continue to help you. This will allow No1hungryinEHC to apply for and receive both private and state/federal grants and funding.

We will do our best to work out the kinks and figure this out. Please be kind and extend us grace, for we do this simply because we love our community.

Help and guidance always appreciated.


Angela & The Team

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